Joint Venture

Joint Venture

GTG and NPGS Joint Venture Alliance

This new collaboration between GTG and NPGS Group has formed a formidable joint venture partnership in the formation of specializing in “Soft Maintenance Technology” for property and event management and services

GTG, by and through its officers, employees, has expertise in the areas of cleaning services and waste management for government and private sector, retail, commercial, tourism; housekeeping and maintenance, garden maintenance, landscaping, asset management and maintenance and other services relating to the business of NPGS.

NPGS has selected the GTG, pursuant to the GTG’s proposal to manage NPGS Projects and in reliance on the GTG’s representations in the response to the Business Plan of its skill, expertise and successful experience.

The alliance specific focus will be on the provision of assistance to property owners and managers via asset protection and maintenance support services, with the key emphasis on the provision of quality “on site” key account management, supported by a level of supervision that will see a “dramatic and effective change” in the total service offering available to this market


GTG and NPGS as a partner alliance will:

Cleaning Services

• Embark on an initiative of innovation that positively impacts on our personnel and our processes.

• Increase and expand the scope of services offered in all of our markets

• Create innovative benefits for our valued customers.

• Window cleaning

Target Market

• Hotel and Residential

• Shopping Center and Malls

• Offices Buildings

• Commercial Buildings

• Sports Clubs and Events

• High Rise Buildings

• Supermarkets

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